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car wreckers
car wreckers, second hand parts, used car  parts,
car wreckers
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Reusing workable used car parts from the car wreckers for mechanical repairs is sustainable, cost effective and favourable to the environment. Greenparts mainobjective is to encourage the use of second hand car parts found at the wreckers, automotive recycler, mechanic, panel beater or auto electrician.

Greenparts is a car wreckers directory to search for local wreckers, automotive recyclers, mechanics, panel beaters, or auto electricians.

After a 2 day international conference comprising of delegates from Auto Recycling Associations (car wreckers). It was agreed that the car industry, wreckers, mechanics, panel beaters, auto electricians need to participate in the fight against the effects of global warming & reduce waste products from end of life vehicles and reclaim useful car parts  which are sold at the car wreckers, mechanics, panel beaters, auto electricians or automotive recycler.

How to Find Your local Wreckers?

Select type of vehicle ie: car wreckers, 4X4 wreckers, commercial wreckers, truck wreckers, motorcycle wreckers, farm vehicle wreckers, light truck wreckers, ute wreckers then select vehicle make, car model, state and click search. A page will display the closest wreckers, automotive recycler.

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Car Wreckers - Recyclers of old or wrecked vehicles to reclaim useful parts. These second hand used car parts are workable or will require reconditioning.

The "Three R's" are and we as car wreckers / automotive recyclers group intend to reinforce this philosophy.