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About Green Parts

OEM (Original Equipment Manufaturers), parts are made to a very high standard to fit & operate for a long time. Therefore most used car parts that are salvaged for reuse from a damaged or ELV (End Of Life Vehicle), are still in good working order. These used car parts can replace the parts that are no longer available, or are too expensive relative to the current value of the vehicle. Hence, our industry plays a major role in supporting existing vehicle owners. We also ensure that End of Life Vehicles are processed in an environmentally sustainable & responsible manner to preserve the environment for future generations.

Greenparts members are independant owners operating in auto recycling & associated industries. Our aim is to fold:

    1. The recovery of reusable car parts & components for the repair of automotive, vehicles &
        other equipment.
    2. The recycling of waste products & recyclable materials for further use as new products.
Both play a role in reducing landfill, reducing the cost of vehicle repairs & reducing the use of natural resources & energy.